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About us

We are Forest School is Life.


We provide Levels 1, 2 and 3 of Forest School Training. You can click here to find out more about each of our courses.


We live and breathe Forest School. Forest School is Life is all about nature, curious exploring, and all things natural learning.


Our training focuses on a child-centred learning approach, allowing children’s interests and developmental journeys to guide each Forest School session.


We believe Forest School helps children develop into better people, leading to a better future. This is partly because a big part of our training focuses on understanding and respecting all living things, from the smallest insect to the biggest tree.


Through Forest School, children develop confidence, are supported in their mental health and well-being and develop holistically. You can find out more about this on our blog.

We work in partnership with Cambium Sustainable Forest School training.

Cambium Sustainable delivers high quality Forest School, Curriculum Based Outdoor Learning, Coastal School training and more; empowering people to enrich their lives through engaging with their local natural environment. Click here to find out more.


Our Background


Forest School is Life was created in early 2022.


Following the success of implementing Forest School learning at several schooling environments  , Daniel (head of Forest School training) was looking for a way to spread the benefits of Forest School in all educational and work settings.

They realised that Forest School training needs to be more accessible, not just to practitioners looking to work in a Forest School but also to nursery practitioners, parents, social workers, teachers at any level, and more.


This is when the idea for Forest School is life was born.


Not only is this training open to anyone interested, but it’s also affordable with options for payment plans and is based within South London with great transport links and accommodation options.

Find out more about our courses by clicking here.

Our Ethos


Our ethos consists of 3 simple statements:


  1. We provide accessible Forest School training for all.

  2. We spread the word about how Forest School can benefit all children and adults.

  3. We help trainees develop professionally and personally, helping them better understand the importance of being in nature.


About the Director and trainer of Forest School Is Life:

Hi, I’m Daniel – Head of Forest School here at Forest School is Life. Here’s a bit about my background!


After completing a theatre arts degree, I began my professional journey into education in 2014 where I took on the role of Behaviour Support Worker.


I worked 1:1 with children being rehabilitated into mainstream school. My work with these children saw my practice elevate, creating case studies and self-esteem intervention groups. This is where I noticed children did better in school, both educationally and socially when they took part in outdoor activities, theatrical games and open conversations.


My time at the school came to a happy end as I decided to broaden my horizons, I hosted private Forest School sessions and eventually joined a Forest school company in 2019 till 2023.


I conducted sessions for their many settings. Here I focused solely on rich aspects of the curriculum, conducting forest school as it should be, with children learning new experiences and making choices in natural settings.


I was named Head of Forest School toward the end of 2021, being placed on a level 4 forest school course so I can expand the practice across the city. I believe all should have access to Forest School. We don’t see it as ‘extra-curricular’; we know that it should be a part of life, thus: Forest School is Life being created.


I look forward to training individuals so their knowledge will help more young people develop through Forest School. I hope to see you all soon!

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